When you look great, you feel great!  You’re like most of us, you’ll actually plan date-night or girls’ night out just because your hair looks so fabulous. Then a few days later when you’re forced to wash it, you wish you could keep that look forever.

Our Beso Hair Beauties offer blowouts for all hair types. Our stylists wash, blow dry, and style your hair, just how you like it. You’ll be amazed by what our pros can accomplish with a blow dryer and brushes—not to mention some of the best products on the market. So why deal with the frustration of washing, blowdrying and styling your hair all by yourself?…Recruit us! We are ready to make life easy for you.

***Prices are starting prices and they may vary with length & thickness of hair, as well as the Stylists level of expertise.


Tawnya Bowie




Wanting a fresh new look?

Tawnya Bowie, Northern Colorado’s Premeir Certified Ouidad specialist is specifically trained in the only trademarked technique for curly hair. Ouidad’s Carving & Slicing is a curl-specific cutting technique that removes the bulk that causes “pyramids” and enhances the natural curl pattern to achieve well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces. As ouidad stylist, Tawnya analyzes each client’s unique curl pattern and texture, listens to your history and desires, and formulates a tailored plan to optimize their curls.


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